Rabu, 04 April 2012


My name is Widya handayani. Every one always call me widya. I live in Depok. My hobby is traveling, listening k-pop music, reading comic, swimming. I am currently being love Korea songs , not because of fever k-pop but because often a movie korea so i was interested in korea songs especially the soundtrack of his plays. In addition , i think there is some k-pop stars very has a charm of a leader like G-dragon ( bigbang ) , jonghyun ( CN-blue, though not leader because the leader yonghwa ) and kyuhyun ( suju maknae ). I love the charm they though many who argued that koreans must have done plastic surgery after 17 years old. Nevertheless the quality of it is they who remain take precedence until recently.
I am an animal lover. I love the a feathered animal like a cat , rabbits , hamster as hamtaro , murine especially mickey mouse , bears , panda , tiger and other a feathered animal. Like the real thing , i also liked all stuffed animal. I have a cat woman's sweet name momo. Momo had 2 children's tail 1 males and 1 female. In addition i also a male cat given anna his name is shiro. shiro 's a kind of russian short hair. He is very sweet and like everyone. Switch off all my favorites, I was the first child of three brothers. I have 1 little sister and 1 a younger brother same as  momo .
During graduation i wanted to be a stewardess as my cousin. She always told me she cried trips around the world. Because i really love streets , i immediately interested and trying to be an stewardess (semoga tercapai,,amien) But i often feel insecure with terms proposed to be an stewardess , especially the ability to speak english. I feel with around the world we can know all kinds of people with all sorts of culture . Diagnosticate new people and adapted to a new place is a delight. In addition , we can know the charm of various natural across the earth .

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