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Professor Mehrabian, psychologists from the University of UCLA, American, body language is very decisive judgements against yourself rather than spoken words. According to his research, gestures and facial expressions have 55 percent while the spoken words are only 7 percent.
A chance to make a good first impression 't take long . According to the research , 30 seconds until four the first minute is a critical time are very needed . Now , not to wrong step the job interview turn a motion of the body which it can invite the a negative on yourself .
1.       Fake
Go to the interview room with confidence and a genuine smile. The smile that had to be very visible and make you look like a person who likes to pretend. A sincere smile impress you people are confident, open and comfortable with the circumstances surrounding. But avoid the constant smile also could give wrong signals on candidates for your boss.
2.   The movement and position of the hands
Hand movement had a critical role in expressing body language you . Folding of the hands in the chest is body language that must be avoided . Folding of the hands in the chest impress you keep at a , be covered , or is impressed bored with this conversation . Maybe advise this has often you heard , but turns out that as ' m nervous many people still do it . Menepukan hand or hold gesticulate again you very uneasy . This movement indirectly can also make the one who interviewing you become senopati and disturbed . Avoid also knocking hand to the table when processing interview . Do this indirectly you send signals if you bored or feel more know from the interviewer . Should put your hand a leisurely manner and open at the most make you relax . Avoid too many uses movements the hands or fingers to avoid the wrong impression .
3.       Handshake
When start and finish interview don ' t forget shake hands the interviewer and say thanks . Shake hands with closely but beseem . Don ' t let hands too limp or gripping too hard . If your palms sweating , now extinct . first sweat in your hand before emptying into the interview room .
4.       Touch the face
Touching the face should be avoided during the job interview . This movement can implying you nervous or dishonest on your assertions .
5.       Position of the foot
Sit down with both feet touching the floor describing you comfortable and confident . When nervous or anxious you often not make gestures unconsciously . One of the most commonly encountered is moving feet without break . This indicates the movement of the foot You very uncomfortable even looking forward to get out of the room.
6.       Eye contact and Sitting position
The eye contact with the interviewer is good . But constantly stared at the interviewer relentlessly can also made him uncomfortable . The driver said , janine motion of the body 60 percent of the eye contact 's enough to make you seen enthusiastic . Besides the eye , let 's look in triangular the upper part of the face that is the area around the brow ahead and the middle of the nose .
Don 't get too used to stare at the lower part of the face of the mouth and the forehead especially a part that can make the interviewer being uncomfortable . If the questioners you more than one , look they in turn . Avoid gaze vaccum that renders the opponent talked you less comfortable . Sit down with a comfortable position , not too upright and not very lean . “Condongkan” little body ( a little bit ) toward the questioners to signify you focus and enthusiastic .

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