Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

English business 2
writing 7

The characteristics of a nation/Organization that has not been prepared in global competition

1.      Low technological development,
This caused low level of knowledge communities in the country , such as lack of facilities access to reach media efficient and effective
2.      The high joint problems
For example , in the field of the living environment multinationals , crisis regional inflation and others .
3.      Traffic goods distribution difficult
Such as inadequate transport routes, for example the path is broken and the unavailability of access traffic to any place.
4.      The low level of the welfare of nations
5.      The market for domestic products area
6.      A lack of knowledge about exchange international culture that makes people rejected the globalization.
7.      Lack of ability of a country in cultivate resources so that is less competitive with other countries by the presence of globalization
8.      people in general tend to consumerist

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