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 English Business 2 
Writing 5


1.               Avocado
Not all fat is bad for the body. Fat in avocado  help precisely is to neutralize the bad fats. Combined with vitamin E, avocado is very potent to reduce dryness on skin and hair.
2.               Berry fruits
Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and other berry contain collagen which makes skin smooth, springy, and toned.
3.               Green Tea
Green tea contain catechins , antioxidant that help fight viruses and fix aging process .
4.               Nuts
Rich in vitamins A and e. nuts protect skin from pollutants and reduce the bad effects of UV rays. Brazil nuts have even more benefits, strengthen the hair, nails, and make the skin so it is chewy.
5.               Fish oil
Fishes containing a volatile oil like sardines and mackerel having a fatty acid essential to make extra clammy skin and prevent wrinkles
6.               Virgin olive oil
This is one of the ingredients of the food was good not only for the skin but also for hair, nails, and overall body health. Like avocado, olive oil is rich in good fats, vitamin A, and vitamin E, to make skin smooth and ageless. Choose a Virgin Olive Oil that has not been chemically processed.

7.               Probiotic yogurt
Rich in good bacteria, probiotic yogurt is very good for the health of the skin. Research shows that people with eczema can helped by intake of probiotic yoghurt each day.
8.               Spinach
Popeye The Sailor's favourite vegetables are a rich source of dietary vitamins B, C, and e. Vitamin C and E are powerful combination against aging, while vitamin E stimulates energy and makes the skin glow.
9.               Wheat
Wheat wholegrains rich kind of fiber that will help the digestive process . Digestive smoothly , a toxin that which settles at any leather smoothly wasted , and skin will be brighter .

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