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The role of Technology in the development of education in Indonesia
In innovation education could not escape the problem of revolution, an innovative method of curriculum, technology and human resource are critical to be able to generate power is copyright and the results of the school as a form of educational change. The school must have the orientation of business customers who have global competitiveness. For that there are 5 (five) technology that can create a better education system, namely:
1.       The System Of Thought
Every thought makes us to be more careful with the advent of each method in the world of education. This is to anticipate the occurrence of changes that we don't want. Without the system thinking we would be difficult to hold a real improvement in education. So the system thinking presents the concept of the common system.
2.       System Design
System design is a technology designed and built a new system. The change in question was the rapid change which allows hope. Systems design gives us the tools to create a new system and a strategy for change
3.       The Quality of Knowlegde
The quality or the quality of knowledge is a technology that produces a product or service/service appropriate expectations and the customer. The science of quality has become a very valuable tool in innovation education/schools.
4.       Changes management
Change management is a way to guide the creative energy towards the positive. It can also refer to systems of thought that apply to aspects of innovation management-oriented course with the POAC (planning, organization, Actualization and Control).
5.       Learning Technology
Here there are two sections namely student electronic equipment (computer, multimedia, internet and telecommunications) and learning in design, methods and his strategy needed to create effective electronic equipment. This electronic lessons changed the way of learning to communicate. So learning technology is a system of thought which applies to instruction and learn.

The fifth such an alignment for the technology towards innovation education resulting in a problem-solving education needs to be a combination of equipment/electronic tools, the people, process, management, intellectual property for effective change.

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